The following list gives an overview of our reference customers, where our Enterprise resource planning systems IDEAL is installed. The system updated in January 2010 is installed at about 370 companies with up to 120 users. Where many installations have been carried out in other industries, for which special adjustments were implemented at the operational needs. Depending on the structure of operation and number of users IDEAL uses different database drivers: ADO, Microsoft SQL 7.0, MySQL and DB / 2
Industry Special features
ACC beku GmbH, 67454 Hassloch 10 Chemistry Production planning, management of analysis results
BMZ GmbH, 63791 Karlstein 80 Precision Mechanics, Electrical Mechanics Inventory over Wi-Fi scanner, capacity planning, PDA, external production
Bodo Möller Chemie GmbH, 63019 Offenbach 35 Chemistry Hazard Management
Breimer - Roth GmbH Transformatorenwerk, 64711 Erbach 5 Transformer production PDA
Cito med, Großhandel Medikamente,64404 Bickenbach 15 Pharma Trading company, pharmaceutical telephone/-administration
electronic concept GmbH,76571 Gaggenau 10 Electronics Material planning and scheduling
G&K, 42781 Haan 10 Food Wholesale EDI integration Edeka, Markant, Metro, Marktkauf.
KEBO GmbH & Co. KG, 40472 Düsseldorf 15 Chemistry Administration of compound files, and recipes, export permits
Neuero Industrietechnik, 49324 Melle 15 Mechanical Multi-level BOM, project management and calculation
Novatherm Klimageräte GmbH, 30827 Garbsen 10 HVAC Pure Trading Company
Oldtimer Veteranenshop GmbH, 65510 Idstein 12 Automotive 600.000 Item master records, import functions for manufacturers
schwa-medico, Transformatorenbau, 35321 Laubach 10 Transformer production Transformer calculation with wages and production costs
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